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Ecologic is committed to increasing our leadership role in building sustainable, affordable, small to medium size homes.  In addition to being more affordable, with our simplified systems and construction efficiencies, our homes respect the environment because we use locally sourced materials that are, highly effective, efficient and durable.  We assist and guide you in creating your new home, every step of the way. Choose your best property, or buy from us, and we’ll deliver the best Net Zero passive, autonomous home with a mortgage that would be less than what you would pay for rent.  From obtaining your mortgage to having the key in your hand, we will make your dream come true without all of the normal challenges of buying your new home, never mind building it. We partner with you to create and build your dream home.

What We Sell…
With You In Mind.
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    Tiny homes
    • Tiny home sizes are usually between 200 and 400 sq ft. Although the amount of construction material used is less than for a larger home, when you include costs for the land and the services (electrical, plumbing, water supply, sewers, septic, and drawings/permits) they can be almost the same as a 600 sq ft home. We have found that a 600 sq ft home is more appealing to most people wishing to downsize. We can build any size of home, however, we recommend that the size meet your current and anticipated future needs.
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    Small homes
    • We believe that a home can feel spacious without actually being big. Carefully crafted design, that meets your needs, will maximize your useable space. A 500 to 1000 sq ft home, when efficiently designed around your specific needs can have an amazing amount of space. High ceilings also create an environment that is 50% bigger and will feel more spacious. Our homes allow for a more optimal use of your property as they are designed and built according to the location of the home on the site. Not all homes will be the same at each location. Taking best advantage of the features that a particular site has to offer for harmonious living and protecting important natural resources will yield an important environmental aspect in the protection of our planet.
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    • Eco-Communities are rapidly gaining in popularity, as they are the ultimate in sustainability and affordability, offering numerous resources and savings, energy systems possibilities like solar farms, and collective utilities and services. Our community projects are designed to meet specific market and lifestyle wants and needs, from individuals, small families and retirees. These communities could include row houses, detached and semi-detached homes and multi-level buildings, or combinations thereof. Homes can easily be adapted for the elderly with onsite maintenance and support from local nurses and cooks. Shared community buildings and kitchens, as well as medical offices convenience stores and other amenities can also be designed into the concept.
How We Do It
We challenge the norms.
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    Passive home
    • Passive homes take energy from the sun, and then store it in thermal masses that deliver heat and regulate the ambient temperature, making this system very comfortable…and free. (A thermal mass is a material that absorbs heat from a heat source, and then releases it slowly. Common materials used as a thermal mass include adobe, mud, stones, concrete or even water.) The use of bioclimatic systems gives us control of how we capture energy from the sun to heat our homes, from the ground up! (Bioclimatic architecture uses natural elements of the site (sun, wind, water, soil and vegetation) to achieve thermally efficient buildings.) Heating, cooling and air circulation are achieved without any complex systems. Bioclimatic systems maintain your home at an optimal level of comfort with very minimal effort.
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    Efficient home
    • Energy-efficient homes include three key phases. 1. Gathering free energy and radiating it through building mass. (For example, The heat from the sun is absorbed by the floors and walls.) 2. Preserving the heat as long as possible with super-insulation and an airtight building envelope. 3. Including simple, inexpensive systems that achieve net-zero or net-positive energy. With this, you will achieve the highest level of comfort in your new home while keeping the lowest costs for building and maintaining
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    • We use local resources that not only reduce the carbon footprint but also have high respect for the environment. Sourcing materials and suppliers locally are cheaper, easier to manage, more readily available and simple to modify. We hire local labour to support the local economy and social network. Our bioclimatic systems allow for the use of passive energy with exciting opportunities for year-round permaculture practices with interior gardens and water recycling. Our bioclimatic approach also focuses on natural ventilation and high respect for the complete living space. We use only environmentally friendly paints and finishes and eco-friendly building materials that balance and support all of the components in our homes.
This is the services we offer
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    Land opportunities
    • We will design for your own land, or we can help you choose a land from our repertory of land. We have lands available throughout North America. Each of our lands is assessed and the house is designed and built according to the features and orientation of the land.
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    Consulting, Design, and financing
    • From the first call with us, we will guide you through the financing design and preparation for your new home. We work with professionals from all fields to bring to your concept and design the best money can get.
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    • We partnership with builders of all trades, we choose local material as much as possible, we build according to your lifestyle and needs. Finally, we will deliver a home that is not only respectful of its environment but also the most efficient and affordable.

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