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Mission Statement:
What we do.

Our mission is to provide exceptional, affordable, innovative and sustainable homes by utilizing passive and bio-climatic concepts, and simple energy positive systems that are respectful of the environment for a better future.

Passive energy requires lots of windows which are normally very appreciated. More than giving heat, it cools and regulate the excessive change of temperature. The comfort of such home is the number one comment that user report, and it’s free heat! You can save up to 100% of your energy bill with no or very small autonomous system. Bio-climatic and passive energy principles have always existed and used in the history of man’s shelter at no cost, but today, a simple level of technology will provide comfort, efficiency, economy, and in respect to the carbon footprint and impact on the environment.


Sustainable homes and buildings

All studies about our consumption of the last 100 years has shown us that our current living is not sustainable. Most houses have 2000+ sq ft and lots of unused and inefficient space function allocation. Lots of people realize that larger is not better. 70% of the population would downgrade their current living if they could save and keep the same comfort or even better. Our homes will provide you all this and more. Upgrading to an Eco Logic home will be your home dream at less than you were paying for a life and comfort you’d ever dreamed of.

Home have skyrocketed in size since the early 1900, going from 500 sq ft to 3500 sqf and more. Lots of unused space and unaffordable to own and to maintain. Don’t want to take the plunge to a tiny home? We believe that Between 400 and 1200 square feet and a meticulous personalize design (by choosing a personalized design, you don’t pay for space that you will never use), your home will have enough space for your family and pets. Our prices start at 150$/sq ft. That is way less than a rent.


Experts ready to serve.

We are a service company that partners with the best players of the industry to provide you with the best-personalized service for your building project. Architects and engineers, builders, finance expert, banks, architects, engineers, designers, and contractors are all part of our services. You want to become a partner for your region, please let us the pleasure to introduce ourself. We are always looking for new opportunities to do business. If you are a landowner, architects, engineer, builder, supplier, designer, or investor, please let us know how you would like to do business with us. We will make sure to bring added value to our relationship to lead our world towards new sustainable horizons. 


This is what we do.