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Passive homes

The passive home takes the energy of the sun and stores it in thermal masses which provide heat and regulate ambient temperature which makes this system very comfortable and free.

The use of bio-climatic systems will allow controlling how we recuperate energy from the sun to the heat in the ground and in the air. Heating, cooling and air circulation are done without any system at all. The use of technology allows maintaining the house at an optimal level of comfort with little effort from the owner.

Efficient homes

The principle of an efficient home could be seen in 3 phases. Gather free energy and radiate it in mass. For example, the heat of the sun is absorbed by the floors and walls. Keep that heat as long as you can with super insulation and airtightness.

Then very simple and inexpensive systems will allow up to net zero or positive energy and the highest comfort someone would desire in their home.

Ecologic homes

Using local resources will not only save the carbon footprint and respect the environment, but it is also cheaper, readily available and easy to modify. Local labour is used as well, which encourages the local economy and social network. Bio-Climatic systems allow the use of passive energy and allow Permaculture practices like interior gardens and the reuse of water.

Natural ventilation and respect of the living space. Environmentally friendly paint, ecologic building materials and the equilibrium of all the components of the building.

The results are opportunities for the clients, the builders, the local shops and stores, and of course us as we will be pleased to give you the only service you need for the completion of your dream home.