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Tiny homes

 Tiny homes are usually between 200 and 400 sq ft. Although the amount of material less than a normal home, the real cost of the land and the systems (electrical, plumbing, Water supply, sewers and septic, and drawings/permits, there is literally a very small difference from a 600 sq ft home, which is more suitable for most people looking to downgrade.

We will build as small as you want, but we recommend a size that will fit your needs instead of adjusting your needs to fit your home.

Small homes

We believe that a home can be spacious without being big. Meticulous design that fits your needs will save you unused space. would not believe how much space a 500 sq ft to 1000 sq ft when it is designed around your needs. A high ceiling will make you see your environment 50% bigger if you determine which space is important for you.

Our home allows better use of the land as they are designed and built according to the location and the land. Not one home should be the same as every location requires the use of the features that the land has to offer for harmonious living and important saving of resources and cost which yield an important environmental role in the protection of our planet.


Eco-Community is getting very trendy as they are the ultimate of sustainability and they offer so many resources and savings, as well as energetic power possibilities like solar farms and collective utilities. Concepts are oriented by classes of living, from individuals to small families and elderly. Constructions may vary between the row house to individual homes and lands. They can be adapted for the elderly with onsite labour support like nurses and cook. Community rooms and kitchen, as well as medical offices and convenient stores, can be designed in the concept.